The rules of residence in the hostel "YourHostel"

Dear guests! In order your staying in our hostel will leave only good memories and positive emotions, we ask you to read the rules for the guests very attentively.
1. Schedule of work
The hostel is open from 06:00 to 24:00. The settlement is carried out from 07:00 to 22:00, eviction lasts until 12:00, regardless of the time of settlement.
2. The order of payment
You must pay for residence before settling into a room. No debt service is available. To extend the period of staying, you must pay the following day, week or month before 12:00 on the last day of your residence. If payment isn’t made before 12:00, the Administration has the right to evict the guest independently.
In case of early eviction, or absence of the Guest in the paid period, the payment isn’t recalculated.
3. Requests and restrictions
We want to make our hostels as comfortable for guests as possible. So it is PROHIBITED:

  1. To use drugs and alcohol (including low-alcohol drinks).
  2. To have weapons and explosive substances.
  3. To smoke, including on a landing, a balcony or in a toilet.
  4. To invite people who don’t live in the hostel.
  5. To noise, loud stomping and littering, and also leave a mess on the bed.
  6. To enter into an intimate relationship.
  7. To use profanity, insult visitors or administrators.

Don’t try any acts of the above. The hostel is under the button of "hot" guard. There is a round the clock video surveillance. Persons using alcohol, as well as violating the rules of the hostel, aren’t allowed to enter the territory and are automatically evicted without refunding the money paid for the residence.
1. Turn off the lights in the rooms at 23:00. He prevents sleep to other guests.
2. Don’t use gadgets, phones, computers and other equipment, don’t talk, don’t walk around the hostel, don’t use the kitchen (you can only use the bathroom) after 24:00.
3. Don’t use the lift after 23:00.
4. Observe the rules of personal hygiene!
5. Follow to fire safety standards.
The guest is RESPONSIBLE for using the property of the hostel: furniture and household appliances. The Guest compensates for the damage in full. Upon eviction the received property (bedding, towel, etc.) must be transferred to the Administrator.
We sincerely hope for the tolerance, decency and accuracy of our guests. Think about the people who are near you!
4. Storage of luggage
The Administration of the hostel isn’t responsible for the safety of personal belongings of the Guest. If the Guest is deemed evicted, the service of storing his personal belongings on the territory of the hostel isn’t provided. After 3 days the Administration has the right to dispose of left, as well as forgotten personal belongings of people who don’t live in the hostel.
Important: the Administrator has the right to refuse to host in the following circumstances: lack of documents, drunkenness, unwillingness to pay the residence, improper conduct (hooliganism), and other circumstances that may violate the rights of other Guests.


Phone:. +38(063) 794 02 00; +38(097) 455 86 46